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Hello, my name is Matt Bell and I am a children's book author. I am the father of nine very diverse children from all races and walks of life. I have a series of three children's books about to be published (July, August and November). All three are funny, illustrated and deal with a particular social issue in which there is a conflict in the community and a resolution. They deal with topics such as segregation, access to services and bigotry.

Raising nine children in has given me a lot of time to learn to explain situations about life, guide, and more importantly listen to their thoughts and views on what’s happening in our American society today.

As the head “Teaser” and storyteller in the family. I would often find myself attempting to amuse the kids with stories while making a point about a current situation they were going through. Some of these stories made it to paper and some of those have made it to the publishing world.

Personally I love the beach, skateboarding and in general having fun with my family. I thank God each day for the breath I am given. I hope you and the kids in your life can read, laugh and talk about the interesting things that happen in these books.

210 Chaparral Creek Dr Boerne, TX 78006-1825

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